I have studied different aspects of medieval Hispanic poetry, such as metrics, vocabulary and transmission of texts. In particular, I have studied the poetic production of Castilian author Diego de Valencia de León (ca. 1360 – ca. 1410) with a specific focus on the vocabulary, themes and poetic genres used in his poetry, highlighting the degree in which these aspects show an innovative pattern in relation to the poetic traditions of reference.

As postdoctoral researcher, I was member of the project network Repertorio ipertestuale della Tradizione lirica Romanza delle Origini (TraLiRO) for three years (2012-2015). This project, funded by the Italian Government (Futuro in ricerca 2010 – RBFR10102K004), was aimed at realizing a database of the authors of lyric poetry in Romance languages, from the origins to late Middle Ages. With the supervision of Dr. Isabella Tomassetti, I worked at the Spanish database, gathering information about the authors, the texts and the manuscripts which transmitted the XVth century Castilian poetry.

I have an interest in quantitative linguistics and in the application of new technologies and research methods to the philological and linguistic field. I was introduced to this research direction by Prof. P. Canettieri, my PhD supervisor, who has proposed in various papers this interaction between philology, IT and the study of complex systems, in collaboration with Prof. V. Loreto from the Social Dynamics Lab of the Department of Physics of Sapienza Rome University.